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Les principaux coups offensifs au tennis de table.

The main offensive strokes in table tennis

Find out which are the most common offensive strokes in table tennis.

The offensive strokes

In table tennis, there are several commonly used offensive strokes. Learning to master these types of shots will help you create more precise offensive strategies.

Here are the main offensive strokes in table tennis:

Topspin, drive and loop

Topspin, drive and loop are very common offensive moves. They consist of rubbing the ball up and down with a forward sweeping motion. This generates forward spin and produces fast, powerful balls with a high bounce.

The difference between shots is the height at which the ball is hit. This is why ball speed and the amount of spin vary with each shot.

offensive strokes in table tennis, hitting

The strike is a fast and powerful blow, often used to counter high balls or to attack a cut ball. It is a direct and explosive hit, where the player hits the ball with a quick wrist action.


The smash is a very powerful attack shot that is executed when the ball is high and allows the ball to be sent in power down the table. It is generally used to attack high balls, such as high service returns or balls that rise during the rally.

Active block, one of the main offensive strokes in table tennis

The active block is used in response to a topspin from the opponent. Instead of just passively blocking the ball, the player exerts a light pushing action. In this way, he returns the ball with more speed and placement, which makes it possible to counter the opponent’s attack.

Counter attack

The counter-attack is an offensive blow that consists of quickly returning the ball after having blocked or countered an opponent’s attack. In reality, it is an aggressive response that aims to seize the initiative in the rally and put pressure on the opponent.

Sidespin – Spinning forehand and backhand

Spinning forehands and backhands are offensive shots where the player combines topspin action with lateral movement to create spin on the ball. They therefore make it possible to generate speed, rotation and side effect. Therefore, the balls are more difficult for the opponent to return.

Natural – Forehand and flat backhand

Forehands and flat backhands are direct and fast offensive blows. For these shots, the player hits the ball with a straighter trajectory and without excessive spin. Thus, these shots are used to send fast and flat balls, often used to surprise the opponent or to attack balls without rotation.

You know almost everything about offensive strokes in table tennis

It is important to note that each player may have individual variations and preferences in how to execute these shots. So the choice of offensive shot depends on the situation. Finally, this choice is based on the table tennis player’s style of play and your analysis of the opponent.

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