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The perfect balance between nature and performance in table tennis.

Table tennis blades
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Raquettes de tennis de table. Bois de tennis de table. Boutique de raquettes de tennis de table Mamba Blades

Blades & Table Tennis Rackets

French Made

At Mamba Blades, we are much more than just a table tennis blade and racket store. We are a complete destination for fans of this exciting sport, combining the sale of hight quality rackets with a specialist blog that explores every nook and cranny of the world of table tennis.

Custom made table tennis blade or Mamba Blades table tennis racket

About Mamba Blades

At Mamba Blades, we believe in fusing traditional French craftsmanship with modern, eco-responsible manufacturing practices. We are proud to present an exceptional range of table tennis blades and bats, designed and manufactured with care in our artisan workshop.

Explore our collection online and discover the harmonious marriage between French craftsmanship, durability and exceptional performance. Mamba Blades is your go-to destination for table tennis products that combine tradition, innovation and environmental responsibility.

Mamba Blades table tennis blade and racket
Mamba Blades custom table tennis blade
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Blades and table tennis rackets. Mamba Blades Table Tennis Racket Shop
Mamba Blades table tennis blades and rackets

Our Table Tennis Rackets

Discover our collection of carefully designed table tennis blades, suitable for all styles of play. Whether you are an offensive, defensive or versatile player, our blades offer a unique combination of control, speed and feel.

Our table tennis rackets are the perfect marriage of art and performance. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding players, they offer a comfortable grip, optimal responsiveness and exceptional durability.

Mamba Blades table tennis blade and racket

Travel to the Heart of Table Tennis with Mamba Blades Blog

Explore our collection of informative posts that cover a multitude of table tennis topics. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, our practical advice will guide you to improve your skills, refine your strategies and maximize your gaming pleasure.

At Mamba Blades, our passion for table tennis is the engine that powers this blog. We aspire to create an engaged community where fans of the sport can come together, exchange ideas and share their love of the game.

Join us for a thrilling adventure at the heart of this captivating sport!