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Mamba Blades

Mamba Blades

Manufacture of table tennis blades

At Mamba Blades Co, all rackets, without exception, are produced in our Auvergne workshop, in Gerzat, near Clermont-Ferrand, all in one place.

A simple and pleasant workshop that allows us to carry out crafts with few power tools. Many operations are done by hand.

We can develop on request all kinds of rackets with all possibilities: handle, wood species, number of layers, shape, etc. Just contact us

We manufacture our rackets with noble, fine and selected materials that correspond to our Green Speed philosophy. In its production process we carry out constant controls and we try to take care, from start to finish, of each and every one of the details that make up a quality racket.

As a result, we obtain quality, innovative, eco-responsible wood with high performance.

Blade innovation

A different approach. Our aim is to produce blades that are fast, with good control, ecological principles and careful manufacturing. But we go further. Our ambition is to transform the game.

Indeed, with the dynamic Mamba Blades racquets, it is the blade that adapts to the player and not the other way around.

Discover our dynamic blades. Modify the center of gravity, the weight or take a blade that evolves according to your shots. This will allow you to develop better training and game strategies.

In summary, we are constantly looking for new innovations in order to improve the possibilities of play and strategy for the table tennis player.


Mamba Blades and the ecology

Think that we are 200,000 licensed table tennis players in France and nearly 260 million worldwide. Our rackets have an impact on the environment !

In Mamba Blades Co, the Green Speed concept is our working philosophy. In summary, we will always seek to minimize our impact on the environment :

priority to local materials including linen, hemp and cotton as a reinforcement layer, reduction of unnecessary transport, artisanal manufacturing, no plastic for packaging, without concessions on the quality of our blades.

With Green Speed, Mamba Blades seeks to create high-performance and fast racquets that do not contain polluting materials such as carbon, aramid or fiberglass.

The quality of Mamba Blades

All our models are the result of a planned project. All blades are handcrafted using only high-quality wood essences and reinforcing fibers.

We focus our efforts on creating a high performance paddle according to its purpose, on an optimal balance between the handle and the nose of the racket and on a soft and comfortable grip that allows generating high doses of spin.

For its manufacture, we take the time that is necessary. We do not skimp on our hours of work to select the materials, transform and adapt them, since our aim is to propose an eco-responsible, high-performance and quality table tennis blade.

Mamba Blades, more than a shop

Mamba Blades does not pretend to be just another table tennis racket store. At Mamba, you will find a space for information and dissemination of table tennis culture in general.

In our Blog, you can find information of current issues in the world of table tennis, biographies, training exercises, techniques, match analysis and much more.