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The perfect balance between nature and performance in table tennis.

Table tennis blades
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Bois de tennis de table Mamba Blades

Mamba Blades

Discover the excellence of table tennis with our Eco Performance blade, handcrafted in France. Combining exceptional performance and ecological commitment, this exclusive table tennis blade offers an unrivaled playing experience while contributing to the preservation of our planet. Choose sustainable innovation and artisanal quality with our Eco Performance blade.

Table Tennis Blades

French Made

At Mamba Blades, we believe in quality and authenticity. This is why all our table tennis blades are proudly manufactured in our workshop in France.. We attach particular importance to the preservation of local artisanal skills and the promotion of French know-how. Choosing our products means supporting French industry and contributing to the sustainability of our artisanal heritage.

Mamba Blades & Ecology

Ecology at the Heart of Our Process

We are deeply committed to preserving our planet. That’s why we use eco-friendly and sustainable materials in the manufacturing of our table tennis blades. We carefully select each component to minimize our impact on the environment while providing exceptional performance. Rest assured that every choice we make is guided by our commitment to sustainability.

Mamba Blades

Choose Excellence

Explore our range and discover the perfect marriage between traditional craftsmanship, cutting-edge innovation and respect for the environment. At Mamba Blades, we are determined to offer you much more than table tennis blades – we offer you an exceptional playing experience and an opportunity to support responsible, local manufacturing.