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Contrôler une raquette de tennis de table

How to Control a Very Fast Table Tennis Racket

Controlling a very fast table tennis racket can be a challenge, as these rackets are designed to maximize speed and power.

Controlling an offensive TT racket

Controlling a very fast table tennis racket can be a challenge, but with practice and proper adjustments, you can improve your control while taking advantage of your racket’s speed. Here are some tips to help you control a very fast table tennis racket:

To control a fast table tennis racket, choose the right rubbers

First of all, rubber covers play a crucial role in controlling the racket. So, opt for rubbers that offer a balance between speed and control. Slower rubbers can help reduce overall racket speed.

Use appropriate density foam

Likewise, the density of the foam under the rubber covering can influence speed and control. As a result, thinner foam reduces speed, while thicker foam increases speed. Choose a density that suits your playing style.

Train yourself to dose the power

One of the keys to control with a fast racquet is controlling the power you put into your shots. Accordingly, make shots by adjusting the force you apply to keep the ball on the table.

Work on the technique

Solid technique is essential for controlling a fast racket. Work on your basic strokes, including forehand, backhand, block and topspin. Make sure your technique is clean and precise.

Improve playback of effects

Learn to read the effects of the opponent’s ball. The more you can anticipate the spin of the ball, the easier it will be to control the trajectory of the ball.

Work on placement

Use strategic placement to control the game. Because by placing the ball precisely on the table, you can force your opponent to play in uncomfortable places and reduce the risk of mistakes on your part.

Specific exercises for controlling a table tennis racket

Next, work on exercises that emphasize control, such as consistency drills, blocking drills, and ball placement drills.

Be aware of your balance

Maintain a good balance between power and control. Sometimes it’s best to slow down your game slightly to improve accuracy and control.

Play with varied gaming partners

Play with players of different levels and playing styles. This will allow you to adapt to different playing situations and improve your control when facing a variety of shots and tactics.

Mentoring and coaching

If possible, consult a table tennis coach. Indeed, he will be able to help you adjust your game according to your fast racket and give you specific advice to improve your control.

Controlling a very fast table tennis racket requires patience

In conclusion, controlling a very fast table tennis racket takes time and patience. So, with regular practice and appropriate adjustments, you can optimize your control while benefiting from the power of your racket.

Featured image : Picture by Tobka in Pixabay