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The perfect balance between nature and performance in table tennis.

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Green Speed raquettes de tennis de table écologiques Mamba Blades

The Green Speed Concept

Experience a new era of sustainability in table tennis with our eco-friendly Green Speed rackets. Made with flax, hemp and basalt fibers for exceptional performance without compromising the environment. Play with passion while making an eco-responsible choice. Transform your game, preserve the planet with Green Speed.

An Ecological Concept

Redefining Ecology in Table Tennis

At Mamba Blades, we believe that performance and respect for the environment can coexist harmoniously. Our approach is based on the use of sustainable and innovative materials like linen, hemp and basalt fibers, making each racket one step closer to a greener future

Green Innovation

The Power of Nature

The latest generation Mamba Blades table tennis blades now incorporate natural reinforcing fibers, a revolutionary advancement in the world of sport. These innovative materials, such as flax, hemp and basalt fibers, offer exceptional performance benefits while reducing environmental impact.


Green Speed

The Perfect Balance between Performance and Durability

Explore a new era of table tennis with our Green Speed rackets, where natural reinforcing fibers create the perfect balance of lightness, strength and durability. Opt for an environmentally friendly approach without compromising on performance. Transform your game with Green Speed, where nature meets the table.