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Green Speed

The Green Speed concept

At Mamba Blades, we have developed the Green Speed concept as a working philosophy. Thus, we will always look to minimize our impact on the environment.

With Green Speed, Mamba Blades seeks to create high performance and fast racquets that do not contain polluting materials such as carbon, aramid or fiberglass which are polluting and difficult to recycle, no plastic materials for packaging or multiple transports of raw materials and finished products before arriving in your hands.

Buying a Mamba Blades blade is betting on a “clean” racquet which, thanks to your support, will become cleaner every day.

Sustainable table tennis blades

Indeed, as much as possible, we choose FSC-certified wood, that is to say, wood certified by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council, the objective of which is to promote economic, social and economic management of wood. When the certified woods do not correspond to the technical constraints of our rackets, we look for the most suitable species from an ecological point of view.

Green Speed & natural reinforcing fibers

Priority to local materials with linen, or renewable materials such as hemp or cotton for reinforcement ply.

If we take the example of linen, our top pick at Mamba Blades, you might know it’s made near you. Indeed, France is the world’s largest producer, with nearly 75% of the total produced.

By choosing this material, you make an ecological gesture: little transport, a renewable material and an encouragement to French economic activity.

Responsible artisanal manufacturing

We produce our blades in a small workshop. This means that we have an energy-efficient production, with very few machines, in one place, where many production operations are done by hand. This allows us to properly control the quality of our blades and to offer more ecological manufacturing solutions.

Table tennis and the ecology

You probably know that there are several hundred thousand licensed table tennis players in France and several hundred million worldwide. That’s a lot of racquets. With such numbers, it is clear that our sport has an impact on the environment !

“Say goodbye to carbon fiber, aramid and fiberglass”