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Contrôler la table de tennis de table

How to control the table at tennis table

Controlling the table at tennis table means being able to dictate the pace of the game, placing the ball precisely where you want it

Control the table tennis table to play better

Controlling the table at tennis table means having the ability to place the ball precisely where you want it. It also means that you dictate the pace of play and force your opponent to make mistakes. Here are some tips to improve your control on the table tennis table:

Work on your technique

First, make sure your basic strokes, such as forehand, backhand, serve, and return of serve, are technically sound. The cleaner your technique, the easier it will be to control the ball.

Develop a variety of moves

Then, learn to vary your shots by using different effects (topspin, cut, side) and changing the placement of the ball. As a result, your game will be more difficult for the opponent to predict.

Work on the short game

Master shots near the net, such as the stroller and the block. In summary, these shots allow you to control the game and keep the ball low, which can make it difficult for the opponent to attack it.

Improve your placement

Work on your ability to place the ball precisely on the table, aiming for corners, tight angles and opponent’s weak areas.

Anticipate the opponent’s game

Observe your opponent’s playing patterns and try to anticipate where he will hit the ball. By anticipating correctly, you can position yourself to control the game.

Adapt during the game

Be prepared to adjust your playstyle based on what works or doesn’t work against your opponent. For example, if a move or strategy isn’t working, change to something different.

Work on your doubles game

Playing doubles can improve your control because it requires you to coordinate your movements with a partner. It also strengthens your ability to cover more of the table.

Train regularly

Constant practice is essential to developing your control. The more you play and practice, the more comfortable you will become at placing the ball where you want it.

Stay calm under pressure

Managing mental pressure is essential to maintaining good control. So, stay calm, breathe deeply and focus on each shot.

Play competitive matches

Take part in competitions to get accustomed to the pressure of matches and to hone your real-world control skills.

Analyze your game

Review recordings of your matches to identify areas where you could improve your control. Indeed, a self-analysis can be very instructive.

be patient

Table control does not come overnight. So be patient and keep working on your skills to become a more accurate player.

The best way to control the table tennis table is through practice.

The best way to control the table tennis table is through practice. By regularly working on these aspects, you will become a player more able to control the table and dictate the game.

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