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The benefits of flax fiber in table tennis blades

Here are some of the benefits of flax fiber when incorporated into table tennis Mamba Blades

Mamba Blades rackets and flax fiber

At Mamba Blades we use flax fiber in the construction of our blades. This allows us to bring specific benefits to the game. Here are some of the benefits of flax fiber when incorporated into table tennis rackets:

Lightness and resistance

Flax fiber is known for its lightness and strength. But when used in the manufacture of table tennis blade, it helps reduce the overall weight of the racket without compromising its durability. This can make the racket more maneuverable and easier to handle.

More stability and reduced vibration

Second, linen fiber has good stability properties. These help reduce unwanted vibrations in the racket when the ball hits the surface. This can improve control by minimizing vibrations that can disrupt touch and precision.

Improved control

Mamba Blades table tennis blades with flax fiber can provide better ball control thanks to their stability and reduced vibration. This way, players can better feel the ball in contact with the racket. As a result, this can promote better management of ball trajectory and placement.

Increased sustainability

Flax fiber is naturally wear-resistant, meaning table tennis blades incorporating this fiber can have a longer lifespan, reducing long-term costs for players.

Reduced fatigue

By minimizing unwanted vibrations, flax fiber table tennis blades can help reduce muscle and joint fatigue, allowing players to maintain performance over long periods of time.

Improved accuracy

The stability and vibration reduction of flax fiber can contribute to greater precision in shots, helping players place the ball more accurately.

Power improvement

The lightness of flax fiber combined with its stiffness can also improve hitting power, allowing players to deliver faster, more powerful shots.


Flax, or linen, is a natural and renewable fiber. So it is an eco-friendly option for making table tennis blades. Indeed, certain synthetic fibers such as carbon fiber are very contaminating.

Flax fiber, a sustainable option for table tennis

You now know the benefits of flax fiber. In the context of table tennis racket manufacturing, the use of flax fiber can help reduce the environmental impact derived from racket production. This also provides technical advantages: in terms of performance, durability and lightness.

Featured image: Flax Table tennis blade by Mamba Blades