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Changer les revêtements d'une raquette de tennis de table.

When to change table tennis rubbers

Find out when is the best time to change the rubbers of a table tennis racket.

Change rubbers

The ideal time to change table tennis racket rubbers depends on several factors. You must therefore take into account your frequency of play, the type of rubbers used and the visible wear of the rubbers. Here are some signs that it might be time to make this change:

Loss of coating adhesion

If you notice that the rubbers have lost their initial grip and the ball is sliding more easily across the surface, it may be time to replace them. Grip is essential to generate optimal spin and control when hitting.

Visible wear is an indicator for changing coatings

When you observe obvious signs of wear on the coatings it is best to replace them. You will notice cracks, tears, holes or a degraded surface. A poor surface can affect the quality of your game.

Decreased performance

If you notice a decrease in your usual performance, loss of control, speed or spin, this may be a sign that the rubbers have lost their original characteristics. They must therefore be renewed.

Table tennis rubbers have an estimated lifespan which may vary. Indeed, depending on the quality of the rubber and the intensity of the game, you will not obtain the same duration of use. Generally, it is recommended to change rubbers every 3-6 months for regular players. However, this may vary depending on the use of each individual.

It is important to note that some players also prefer to change rubbers before they show obvious signs of wear. This thus allows maintain a constant level of performance. It will depend on your preferences and budget.

In summary, we recommend that you change therubbers of your TT racket when you notice a loss of grip, visible wear, a decrease in performance or according to a recommended period of renewal. Assessing the condition of the rubbers on a regular basis will allow you to maintain an optimal level of play.

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