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Parasport adapted blades

In parasport table tennis, players can use blades specially designed to meet their specific needs (Parsport adapted blades). Here are some types of blades suitable for parasport that are commonly used:

Lighter blades

Players with physical limitations may prefer lighter blades for easier racquet handling. Lightweight blades reduce fatigue and allow better maneuverability for players with reduced physical strength.

More flexible blades

Flexible blades provide greater flexibility and better vibration absorption, which can be beneficial for players with coordination issues or tremors. These blades allow better control of the ball and compensate for involuntary movements.

Blades with special handles

Some players may have special racquet handling requirements due to physical limitations. blades with custom or adapted handles are available to provide better comfort and grip for players with specific needss.

Blades with a larger sweetspot

Some players may need a larger hitting surface to compensate for less precise movements. Blades with a larger sweetspot can help improve shot accuracy and stability.

Contact us

It is important for Parasport table tennis players to consult an expert or specialist coach who can help them choose the blade that best suits their individual needs. Each player will have different preferences and requirements based on their specific physical condition and limitations.

If you want a table tennis blade adapted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.