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  • Table tennis table

    Ping pong tables

    The ping pong tables intended for competition meet the standards of the International Federation and therefore have similar characteristics. But there are also tables for other uses. Learn about the different types of table tennis, materials, uses, dimensions and sizes, quality factors and Federation regulations. Regulatory tables To play in competition, the International Table Tennis [...] More
  • How to hold a table tennis racket

    How to hold a table tennis racket ?

    Holding your racquet well is the basis for being comfortable and making progress because this grip has a direct impact on the contact of the ball on the coating of the racquet. Depending on the styles, there are two main types of racket grip in table tennis: The orthodox style, also called European, and the [...] More
  • Regles du tennis de table les bases Mamba Blades

    Table Tennis Rules

    Here are the basic rules of table tennis or ping pong: the duration and structure of a game, the service, how to score a point, where the ball must bounce, how to play singles or doubles and finally, the rule of 'acceleration. Duration of a match The table tennis match is played in 5 sets [...] More
  • French table tennis competition

    Table Tennis Competition in France

    In France, the table tennis competition is managed by the French Table Tennis Federation (FFTT). There are nearly 200,000 licensees, 17% of whom are women, and it is estimated that 3,000,000 table tennis players have occasional practice *. Therefore, entering the French competition is a great challenge, because table tennis is well established there, with [...] More
  • Table tennis history

    Table Tennis History

    An Olympic discipline since 1988, table tennis is a sport invented at the end of the 19th century in England by high Victorian society. We agree that the idea came during a dinner to show some tennis strokes: the “field”, the dining table, the ball, a champagne cork, cigar boxes as a racket, and finally, [...] More
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